A Few questions about Salmon!

by Steven

Hello everyone,

I'm currently doing some research regarding the Salmon market in the United States, but specifically for Sushi. I have many questions, and any insight will help me. Of course, there probably are many perspectives/opinions on my questions, so don't worry about sharing your knowledge even if you aren't 100% confident regarding the accuracy of your response.


---In foodservice (sushi bought at sushi bars, restaurant cafes), I have received data that approximately 80% of the Salmon consumed is Altantic (farmed) Salmon. Does this sound right? Is it the same ratio in Retail Sushi (sushi sold directly at retail such as whole foods, etc)? Is this changing over time?

---In a typical (average) salmon sushi roll, about 1 ounce of Salmon is used...correct?

---In your OPINION, what's the average price (weighted) of a sushi roll in the US sushi restaurants? Weighted average is preferred, so demand is considered. And for Salmon sushi?

---In your OPINION, what % of Sushi Salmon (in the US) is consumed/purchased in FOODSERVICE (restaurants/cafe's/bars) vs. RETAIL? Is this changing over time?

---In a Sushi restaurant, what % of the bill is from Sushi/Sashimi vs. other products (drinks, desserts, non-sushi items)?

---Finally, in average, of all the sushi rolls/sashimi ordered in the US (based on your experience), what % is Salmon vs. other (fish and non-fish rolls)? Is this increasing or decreasing?



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Jan 27, 2014
A little information on Salmon
by: David

A lot of your questions look like numbers that the restaurant industry might have somewhere if you can find them. And I have to admit, I don't really have access to that kind of info on a lot of your questions.

But, I do know a little. Numbers that I have seen on your first question about 80% of the salmon consumed now is farmed salmon I think is probably pretty accurate. I have seen percentages from 70% to 90% so your 80% is probably about right. With wild salmon numbers steadily going down it kind of makes sense. But by the same token, there are many concerns about farmed salmon not being as healthy (more fat, more calories and lower amounts of omega 3's) and about higher contaminant concentrations because they are basically fed other ground fish which basically increases contaminants in the farm raised versus wild fish.

As for the average salmon roll containing 1oz of salmon. I not sure. I know that usually I will use around a 3/8 inch cube sized piece of salmon that is 7 inches long most of the time and that may end of being around 1 oz if I had to guess.

Hope this helps a little.

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