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Which sushi making kit should you choose? There are quite a few out there to choose from. Which one you should get will be based on several things including: 

  • How much do you want to spend?
  • What are you wanting to do with your kit? 
  • Do you just want the ingredients? 
  • Do you just want a Sushi Mat or rather a device designed to help you roll your Sushi? 
  • Or maybe you want both the ingredients and a sushi mat or sushi rolling device?
  • Are you wanting to make Sushi the "Authentic" way or are you wanting to use a device designed to help you make your sushi rolls and nigiri? 

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Listed below for your convenience are some of the best selling sushi making kits available on Amazon. Some I recommend as a buy while others I don't. Continue reading to find out which ones I liked and which ones I didn't!

Traditional Sushi Making Kits

I'm going to guess that you have probably (if not just subconsciously) already made a decision as to whether you want to try to make your sushi the traditional way, or would rather use helpful tools and devices that are suppose to make your sushi making a little easier.

If not, hopefully you will be able to decide after reading this.

If you are mainly shopping for a sushi kit and just want to see a good list of them you can see some good ones here at amazon.

If you're wanting to investigate and learn a little first, we'll start by going over a couple of Traditional sushi making kits. By traditional, I am talking about kits that help you make sushi the way that japanese people normally do it.

These kits will include a Sushi Mat (or Makisu) which is used by Japanese people to make sushi rolls or Maki rolls instead of using a new type of device designed to make the same roll. 

Advantages of using a Traditional Kit

  1. The cost of a Sushi Mat versus a new fangled tool designed to make sushi rolling easier will normally be cheaper.
  2. The pride and accomplishment that comes from doing it the old fashioned way. This may not mean anything to you. If it doesn't then it's not an issue. If it does then when you do get the hang of it and create that perfect roll you will probably want to enclose it it glass and show it to everybody who comes over...and pass it down through your family lineage for eternity...

Disadvantages of using a Traditional Kit

  1. Do be aware that some people find it very hard to get the hang of rolling with a traditional sushi mat. It will be up to you to decide beforehand if you are "sushi mat" handicapped...or not...

Joyce Chen Sushi Kit

Joyce Chen Sushi Kit

Type of Kit: Traditional

Price Range: Less than 5 dollars

The Joyce Chen Sushi Kit is a basic kit with no ingredients included.

To find out more about this Kit and what we think about it, visit our Joyce Chen Sushi Kit page. If you're ready to get the Joyce Chen Sushi Kit you can get it here at Amazon.

Easy Sushi Making Kit

Easy Sushi Making Kit

*** Note: This sushi kit doesn't seem to be available anymore ***

Type of Kit: Traditional

Price Range: Around $46.00 dollars

This is a very nice starter sushi making kit for somebody who doesn't want to go around trying to find everything that they need to make sushi for the first time and who also wants to make sushi as authentically as possible right out of the gate.

Out of all the traditional kits that I have reviewed this is one of my favorites. To find out why,  visit our easy sushi making kit page for a review.

Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit

Type of Kit: Traditional

Price Range: Around $37.00 dollars

This is also a very nice starter sushi kit. Costing a little less than the "Easy Sushi Making Kit" (above), it contains everything you will need to make Japanese sushi "authentically" also.

For more information on this kit and see our review, visit our Sushi Chef Sushi kit page or visit Amazon to take a look at it.

Non-Traditional Sushi Making Kits

Let me start off by clarifying what I mean by non-traditional. By this I mean a kit that does not include a traditional sushi mat (Makisu) to make your sushi rolls, but rather includes a device or tool meant to make the rolling process either simpler or more convenient.

Do they always succeed in making sushi rolling simpler or more convenient? Nope. I don't think so. And I say that because really don't want to see you spend good money on a kit that I think is a piece of crap.

As in all things though, everyone has an opinion. 

You might like one that I said I didn't like. And that's ok. I'm just letting you know what I honestly think so you can make a more educated decision.

Heck, read the amazon reviews on them too before you decide for yourself. 

In fact, several of the ones I review below that I didn't like, were reviewed well on amazon. 

We will just go over a few of the more popular ones below... and yes, I do own and have used every single one listed below :-)

Now... I'm all about being traditional (after all, my japanese mother would probably strangle me if she found out that I had used anything other than an old-fashioned sushi mat)...

but I'm also always open to newer and better ways of doing things, so I had to at least try every one of these out for myself.

Advantages of using a Non-Traditional Kit

  1. Some people find it easier to use one of these kits as opposed to using a sushi mat. This will depend mostly on which fancy gadget you end up getting.
  2. In some cases you may be able to roll faster.    

Disadvantages of using a Non-Traditional Kit

  1. Cost will probably be more
  2. You won't get to experience the pride of making sushi rolls the old-fashioned way (Of course, you may not care as long as they look good... point taken!)

I will let you in on a little secret... 2 out of the 3 kits below I don't recommend you buying... and one comes with strong recommendation.

Find out which one it is! Check out all 3 reviews!

Sushi Magic Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Magic Sushi Making Kit

Type of Kit: Non-Traditional

Price Range: Around $30.00 dollars

Here's another product developed to make all of your sushi rolling dreams come true, hopefully without the frustration.

This one, like the Sushiquik (below) both are interesting enough for an actual look and an at home test drive.

Check out our sushi magic sushi making kit page for an eye opening review of this product or get one here on Amazon.

Sushiquik Sushi Making Kit

Sushiquik sushi making kit
Sushiquik sushi making kit with ingredients and supplies
Sushiquik sushi making kit with ingredients and supplies and rice cooker

Type of Kit: Non-Traditional

Price Range: Between $35.00 dollars and $75.00 depending on which variation of this kit that you get

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of this item judging by just what I saw in the picture before I ordered it. Now, admit it. Doesn't it look like something you would see advertised on T.V. as a Ronco product or something...?

(No offense Ronco...) But I mean, come on, it really does looks like an octopus.

With that said, I took a deep breath when I opened the package and kept an open mind... (follow me to our Sushiquik Sushi Kit page for our thoughts on this product...)

If you are ready to buy or take a look at it, you can find the Sushiquik Sushi Kit here on Amazon.



Type of Kit: Non-Traditional

Price Range: Around $16.00 dollars

Ok. Don't laugh. Let's give this one a try first before we cast judgement. We both may be pleasantly surprised.

Come on over to our Sushezi page to find out more about this unique and uh... interesting looking sushi making product. 

You can also pick up a Sushezi on Amazon.

Write a review of YOUR Sushi Making Kit

If you have a sushi making kit, write a review and tell us about its strong points and weak points. What do you love about it? And what do you wish was different?

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