The Sushiquik Sushi Making Kit

Is it Really better, faster and easier to make a Sushi roll with this Octopus than it is to use a Traditional Sushi mat?
(Keep reading to find out the answer!)

Sushiquik sushi making kit
Sushiquik sushi making kit with ingredients and supplies
Sushiquik sushi making kit with ingredients and supplies and rice cooker

Product: Sushiquik Sushi Making Kit

Type of Kit: Non-Traditional

Price Range: Between $35.00 dollars and $75.00 depending on which variation of this kit that you get

I'm a traditional kind of guy. And I'm somewhat hesitant to change. But, I'm also lazy (or always looking for more ways to do things faster and more efficiently I should say...) and want to do things in the easiest ways possible. 

I did read quite a few reviews (and it rated highly) before ordering the sushiquik sushi making kit, as its not exactly as cheap as a bamboo sushi mat. But I probably would have ordered it anyway because the device does looks so darn intriguing.

Ok. Without further delay, let's open her up...

Pieces of the sushiquik sushi making kit laid out
sushiquik instructions
sushiquik instructions

There were quite a few pieces to the sushiquik sushi making kit. I found that its best to just lay the instructions to the side and follow them step by step.

If you're a typical guy and you already wadded up the instructions and threw them into the trash, well... go dig 'em back out. It's gonna be easier just to follow them. I know. It's against your nature...

Just suck it up.

We'll use the pieces in the examples below while I follow the instructions. 

To demonstrate using the sushiquik sushi making kit, I decided to do a California Roll. If you want to know how to make the roe-mayo sauce or interested in knowing any other details, then visit our California Roll Recipe

Stick the tab on the mat in the hole here in the black base...
After sticking the tab of the mat in the base...
The plastic mat on the base...

The first thing the instructions have you do is attach the black base to the plastic mat. To do that you insert the tab on the bottom of the mat (center picture) into the slot at the top of the base (left picture).

Set the base down in front of you, with the narrow side closest to you.

Lay a full sheet of nori on the mat...
Place the green training frame over the mat and make sure the nori doesn't show in the slot right below "TOP"
With training frame on and no nori showing in slot...

Now lay a nori sheet down on the plastic mat shiny side down and narrow end closest to you. Place the green training frame onto the mat and make sure the slot with the word "TOP" above it is on the end farthest away from you.

Check that no nori shows through the slot. If it does, then slide it down (toward you) until it does not show in the slot.  

Evenly spread sushi rice over nori to level even with training frame...
The training frame removed...

Spread sushi rice evenly over the surface of the nori so that it is level with the height of the frame (left picture above)

Remove the training frame (right picture above). 

Adding wasabi...
Adding roe-mayo sauce...
Adding crab...

In the pictures above, I added wasabi, roe-mayo sauce and crab. 

Adding slivered cucumbers...
Adding avocado...

Next we add cucumber and then avocado. Now we are ready to roll...

Beginning the roll...
The mat is touching on the other side of the roll...
Finished roll...

Rolling is kind of similar to rolling with a traditional bamboo sushi mat. The mat is lifted up and pulled over while holding the ingredients in (left most picture). Continue rolling until you get to the end of the stand and then tighten across the roll with your fingers.

I have to admit, I had problems with figuring out how to "tighten" the roll because it wanted to fall off of the end of the stand. And I didn't have any mat left at the end to grab and hold while pulling and tightening with my right hand like I am use to with a traditional sushi mat.

These pictures were taken on my first try and maybe I wasn't doing it exactly right or maybe it takes a little practice. I don't know. 

Either way I decided to try it again, but this time take it off the stand before I tried to roll. 

Making another sushiquik roll but this time not on the black base..
Finished sushiquik roll...I got rice around the seam both times...

In the picture above on the left, I am rolling for the second time but this time without the base. I liked that it couldn't fall off the base at the end of the mat (which deformed my first roll so that it wasn't round anymore and had like a "V" in it), but I still couldn't do the tightening like I'm use to with a traditional mat.

And if you notice in the picture above on the right, both times I got rice coming out from around the seal of the nori.

I don't know what I was doing wrong. Again, maybe it takes more practice. But honestly, even on my first few tries with a real sushi mat I didn't have rice problems like I was having here. 

Slicing the roll with the sushiquik guide...I did like this...

I went on and cut the sushi roll using the guide and placed them on a sushi plate.

Finished maki roll made with the sushiquik

I think the roll came out just ok. I put the rice that was coming out from around the seal on the bottom.

Again, maybe the rolls will get better the more I use the sushiquik sushi making kit.

Sushiquik Sushi Making Kit
(Final Thoughts)



  • Easy Cleanup
  • Roll Cutter is nice
  • Can make only 1 size roll (using training frame)
  • Can't really tighten roll well
  • Couldn't stop the rice from coming out from around the seal
  • The width of the slats in the mat seemed too wide
  • A lot of parts so feels kind of confusing
  • Rolls didn't come out perfectly round, and nice and tight
  • No nigiri sushi mold included

I probably won't use the sushiquik again. I'd rather just use a traditional sushi mat or the sushi magic sushi making kit.

And to me that's the whole point of getting a product like this anyway. To make sushi rolling easier and/or better. 

To me, this product did neither.

But don't take just my word for it. Check out the product and the reviews on Amazon. It get's 4 1/2 to 5 stars and is a best seller. So maybe I missed something.

Either way, from what I saw in my test drive my recommendation is...

Recommendation: Don't buy it.

Other Sushi Making Kit Reviews:

Don't despair. I have reviewed several other sushi making kits and one comes with a strong buy recommendation.

Check them out. Sushi Magic Sushi Making Kit and the Sushezi.

Or listed below are some of the best selling sushi making kits on Amazon.

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