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(*1.3 Million Sushi Lovers estimate is per year and is based on 3,524 average page views per day for May 2015 x 365. This should be minimum results as avg page views per month has gone up exponetially every month since the site was officially launched on Jan 1 2014. By comparison, avg daily page views for May 2014 was only 573. So in 1 year average daily page views increased by over 515%.)

We accept sponsorship requests from either high-quality establishments (like restaurants or restaurant chains) or from companies that have high-quality products or services (like rice cookers, sushi making kits,  sushi grade fish, etc) that are in some way either directly or indirectly related to sushi and/or Japanese cuisine.

Preferably, I have also already favorably reviewed the product, business or service on this site and/or personally highly recommend it myself.

If I have not reviewed the product or service yet and I don't have any personal experience with it, you can request that I do so by providing the product/service for review. This isn't a guarantee of sponsorship however. The goal of this sponsorship is to provide the readers of this website with the "Best of the Best".

This select few will form an A-list of sponsors of sushi and sushi related products that typically will be displayed (starting at the top) in the far right column of every page of the AllAboutSushiGuide website.

For just the month of January 2015, that would have been  over 78,000+ page views and over 32,000 unique sushi loving visitors.

And to put that growth into perspective, that is a increase of over 5044% over December of 2013... a huge leap in just 1 year by any standard.

So we are growing fast. 

And a good reason to consider joining us now while you can if you want highly targeted traffic to be continuously exposed to your sushi related business since these sponsorship slots are limited.   

If nothing else, this is a tremendous opportunity to visibly promote your "Brand" to sushi lovers everywhere...

If you are a reader and like, then please support our sponsors.

They are the cream of the crop, and you'll be glad you did!

If you have a sushi related product or service (restaurant, sushi making kit, rice cooker, book, sushi grade fish, etc.,) and would like to know more about becoming an sponsor, then please click here.

If you are already a sponsor, then thank you very much for your support!

David Guthrie


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