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Be Part of an exclusive, select group that includes only the "Best of the Best" has a limited number of sponsorships available within each category (product, service, etc.) that will appear on every page of this website in the right most column starting at the top of the page. This maximizes the exposure of your product or service and starts to "brand" you to every visitor who comes to the site.

Our goal is to only include sponsors that have excellent products or provide superior service who also strive to uphold the highest standards of quality and integrity.

An example of my supporting this belief of quality and integrity is best found on my sushi making kits page, specifically under the non-traditional sushi making kits section.

In that section, I review 3 different sushi making kits. Of the 3, I only recommend 1 as a definite buy. The other two I could not recommend  to my readers to buy them. 

Although those two were reviewed positively by customers on amazon, when I tested them I did not like them and thus could not, with a clear conscience, recommend them to my readers.

Now, it would have been very easy to give them "3 out of 5 stars"  or "4 out of 5 stars" and promoted them as an affiliate sale, but I did not.

To me, everything is not about the money; it's about telling the truth and maintaining the highest level of integrity for my readers. And if I make less money because of it, then by golly ghee whiz, I make less money. That's the way I was raised, and that is the level of truthfulness and integrity that I want to maintain.

That is why this sponsorship is selective. And why we can't include a company or individual that would result in our visitors having a sub-par experience.

On the flip side of that, we also want for you to like and believe in this site and equally want to partner and grow with us. We are not looking for just advertisers; we are looking for relationships with our partners.

If you've read this far and in any way don't agree with this view or the goal of this website and partnership relationship, then this probably would not be a good fit for both of us. 

But if this is something that you do agree with, then this sponsorship opportunity may provide a WIN-WIN-WIN for all of us (; so please keep reading! 

Reach your Customers earlier in the Buying Cycle and expose them to your Product, Service and Brand... Before they decide to Buy... offers very targeted, unique and cost effective options to reach your sushi loving customers during the most important pivotal phase of their buying cycle:

The Research and Information gathering stage.

For a restaurant, that could be:

  • a sushi newbie wanting to learn about proper sushi etiquette or the different types of sushi available before going to a restaurant for the first time --- and seeing your "ad" on every page of this website will, subconsciously at the very least: 1) start building your "brand" for your product and/or business and 2) will put your restaurant high on their radar of the places to eat at;

For a product, it could be:

  • An at home sushi maker looking for the best sushi making kit to buy --- and again, seeing the positive review of your kit and your "brand" displayed on every page of this site will make them very aware of your product(s) greatly increasing the likelihood of them buying your product (or your brand) today or in the future;

For a food item, it could be:

  • Yet another at home sushi chef who needs to buy say, sushi grade fish, but doesn't know anything about it or how and where to buy it. Again... your very positive online sushi grade fish provider review and a recommendation by coupled with your "ad" on every page of this site almost guarantees that when they are ready to buy sushi grade fish online... they will more than likely... buy it from YOU...

And the examples go on and on...


So, we know that the sale doesn't begin when the customer is actually looking for the product or service...

it actually begins way earlier... at the research and information gathering stage...

And that is where being an sponsor can help you get all of the repeated, trusted and targeted pre-sale exposure that your business desperately needs... and as of January 2015 that would have been 78,000+ plus (and growing) page views and over 32,000 unique visitors a month!

Then, when your potential customer is satisfied with all of their research and is ready to move on to the "buy" stage, all of the repeated exposure to your "brand" and positive reviews will kick in, and you will get the sale.

So why become a Sponsor and Advertise  Online with is Highly Targeted...

If your business, service, or product is targeting newbie or experienced sushi lovers (restaurant visitor or at home sushi chef) then advertising on this site is like hitting the bullseye.

But this site doesn't attract just sushi lovers. It also reaches people who love all kinds of Japanese and other types of oriental food too.

So before you spend your advertising dollars elsewhere, make sure that the medium you are considering is as highly targeted as it will be on this site... is Timely...

As we mentioned earlier, advertisers need to try reach potential customers earlier in the buying cycle while they are still in the research and information gathering stage (which is usually done online).

This is best done by attracting them to a high value content site where they can learn what they want to know and where they will also be introduced to what you have to offer... subtly.'s goal is to excel at this by providing its readers with the type of high quality information that they are looking for while also providing information that they can trust.  

And this happens to be the perfect time to start repeatedly exposing them to your product, service and brand too; the after effect of which is building trust and confidence in you... 

Seeing your ad on every page of this website repeatedly exposes them to you and your product and/or business. Then when they click on your ad, they will read your review page. This will further reinforce the reasons why you are the right choice and why they should buy from you. 

Being there in front of them before your potential future customer is ready to buy will put you light years ahead of your competition...

And an sponsorship will put you out there in front of them thousands of times a day at this most critical pre-sale stage of the buying cycle... where the foundations of a future buying decision are already being made...

Smart marketers know this. Will you be there to reach out to them and meet them there? Sponsorship is better, higher quality Advertising...

Advertising on isn't just about placing an "ad" on our web pages. It is more than that. When they click on your ad, they won't be taken to a sales page to immediately try to milk a sale out of them... Noooo... they will be taken to your review page.

This is different from other ads that you would typically purchase from other sources; mainly because these reviews are totally independent of the site sponsorship relationship and could have very well been there before sponsorship ever came up.

That is why many times after I have reviewed a product or service and found it to be absolutely stellar, I will approach that business about site sponsorship.

Because I know that I have found a diamond and I want my readers to know about it. 

And trust me, these stellar reviews are fewer and farther between than you would think... But that's probably partly due to the fact that I am kinda picky though :-) 

When the stars finally align though and things work out, the site sponsorship shines a light on that relationship and the review and pretty much says,

"Hey. These are my partners. They are my hand selected best of the best; I approve of them, they like and believe in us, and you really should take a look at them".

Creating a WIN-WIN-WIN. Sponsorship versus other forms of Advertising...

So how does advertising on as a sponsor generally compare with other forms of advertising?

  • CPC (cost per click)
  • Newpapers
  • Magazines
  • Direct Mail

Well, besides some of the other points we have previously covered, here are just a few more...

  • Print media is intrusive. They reach the potential customer when they are typically NOT looking for your product, business or service and/or the timing is just off. Think about it. If you are new to sushi and are wanting to learn about sushi etiquette or the different types of sushi before you go to a restaurant, are you typically going to be looking for that in a magazine or newspaper? Of course not. Will an ad about your restaurant be timely in those media sources? More than likely... NO. They won't. But, if you are there when they are looking for that information (like on then they will see your restaurant ad or rice cooker ad WHILE they are learning and finding out about what they want to know. This repeated exposure along with the positive reviews will make them more likely to respond to you than they would to a "cold" magazine or print ad.
  • CPC (cost per click). This could be google adwords, adsense, or any other type of cpc provider. Typically clicking on this will send them to a page of the advertisers choice which could be a product webpage, squeeze page, or a sales page which is a totally legitimate and popular option. But... these potential customers are going in cold... you will probably have to warm them up a lot before they will buy from you or even start to trust you. And building trust takes time. Being an sponsor will overcome a lot of this. For one, they will see you over and over and over. On every page. If they love my site, they will know about you. They will know that I like and trust you. And if they trust me, click on your ad and read my review on your product, business or service then they will start to warm up to and trust you too.  Then, when they are ready to buy, they will more than likely come to you.

There are many other examples of how being a sponsor has many benefits over typical advertising, but hopefully you are starting to see some of the benefits.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates is currently accepting a limited number of sponsorship's available on a per category basis (products (foods, appliances, etc), businesses (like restaurants), and services). 

Typically, an exclusive review will be done highlighting your business, product, or service (if one has not already been done). This will be done after an acceptable rate has been decided by both parties and the product and/or service has been deemed exceptional and thus qualified  for sponsorship.

Ad rates will be based on...

  • Traffic
  • Value to the sponsor
  • and ad size and location

If you are interested in learning more about an sponsorship, please fill out and submit the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Site Sponsors
Our Partners-The "Best of the Best" who also come highly Recommended by this Site

Sushi Magic Combo Nigiri and Sushi Roll Kit
Sushi Magic Sushi Kits

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