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Here's a list of some of our friends that we'd just like for you to know about.  

Antique Art Rakunan

Located in Fushimi, a town in the Southern Kyoto famous for its sake brewing traditions, Antique Art Rakunan is a wholesale business that has been specializing in the sale of antiques for fifty years. 

Asian Food Grocer has all your Asian food and cooking supplies. Order from the comfort of your home and receive high quality products at very competitive prices.  

Chado Tea House

Chado Tea House - Premium Japanese Tea Online Store
Authentic and sophisticated Japanese tea selections All about Japanese green tea and related teawares

Japanese Goods

Japanese Goods introduces Japanese traditional items and Japanese culture to abroad.


Web shop for Kakejiku, Japanese Hanging Scroll Painting JYULUCK-DO Corp.

Oragami Club

Oragami Club is a unique and interesting site to visit to learn how to do the Japanese art of paper folding. Has tons of illustrations and examples. 

Sake World

If you want to learn more about Sake, then I'd like to recommend you head on over to Sake World. My friend John Gauntner is one of the foremost experts on sake in the world. 

The Japanese Connection

The Japanese Connection - Name Translations, Hanko, Kimono, Shoji Screens and Other Japanese Arts and Crafts

Yzenith Food Blog - Authentic Chinese Recipes

 Amy and Yan have some delicious Chinese recipes waiting for you on their site - Go check 'em out here on!

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