Repeating and learning

by Dani

Practicing rice

Practicing rice

Hello! Here Dani from Barcelona.

First of all, I have to say that I enjoy a lot reading your 'first hand' recipes, instructions and details. BTW I'm also learning some cooking new words in english :D

The picture is just one of my iterations on your rice recipe with some nigri & sashimi. Nothing spectacular. Never before get fully convinced on other rice recipes over inet except yours. The kombu and the sake make the difference and very often they are missed. I will expand my practicing to other recipes with your instructuins, truly they are really good.

I also would like to suggest a furikake article, I sometimes use it over simple white rice when want something umami, hot and simple. But as I keep it on a very basic procedure probably I don't do it tradiotionally.

Another not so common thing that maybe can serve you for an article are the 'slightly fried' maki. On one of my favorite's sushi fusion restaurants in BCN, Kibuka, the do 'Hot Philadelphia Rolls' and once on a fake japanese restaurant (really chinese) I saw also fried salmon maki for the first time. I don't know if its a new iteration or there is any tradition on doing that way but it feel it nice to my taste.

Greetings and keep it up!


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Apr 29, 2021
Thank you Dani. Nice Job!
by: david

Hey Dani,
Sorry for the late replay. I'm glad you enjoy and are practicing my japanese mothers sushi recipes.

She has since passed on but I'm sure she knows what an impact her recipes have had on people.

Hey here's a quick rice ball recipe for you.

1. Cook white rice
2. toast nori sheet over stove eye to make it crisp.
3. Take a handful of bonito flakes (hanakatsuo), crush and put in a bowl.
4. add soy sauce to dampen
5. add sugar to taste. I think it tastes better sweet.
6. moisten hands with water and shake salt on your hand and rub hands together.
7. grab a big handful of rice and shape into a triangle or oblong ball.
8. press a whole in the center and fill with the bonito flake mixture.
9. close up the whole by continuing to shape the ball so that the bonito mixture is in the center.
10. break the nori sheet in 2 long pieces and wrap one piece around the rice ball.

You can also fill the riceball with umeboshi plum. It is also delicious!

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