Smoked Cod

by John S.
(Pinon Hills, CA)

This adds a different taste than most ingredients, as the smoking (I do this myself) adds the touch of an "outdoors" flavor. I use mesquite charcoal and hickory wood chunks in a Brinkman smoker. Smoked eel is not quite the same, maybe because the smoking isn't as fresh (bought on line).

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Jun 10, 2016
by: Mahee Ferlini

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely try it!

May 12, 2016
Smoked cod
by: Roland McKay

Most smoked fishes are excellent for sashimi and sushi. very fresh South African cod or hake Merlucius capensis is refreshing, however, do not marinate it as it makes it coarse and bitter.
It is great to see that contributors are trying some of the 30,000 fishes available as there are superb fishes that you will never see on any raw fish menu such as sashimi and ceviche. A world of taste awaits the adventurous. I know as I am a professional ichthyologist of over 60 years experience and have tasted hundreds of different species, some of which are better than the popular dozen species featured in sushi cookbooks. Try a few!

May 11, 2016
Smoked Cod as Sushi Ingredient - Interesting!
by: Allaboutsushiguide

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't heard of using mesquite and hickory smoked cod before, but it sure sounds interesting and worth a try!
Thanks again for the post.
David - Allaboutsushiguide

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