What about asking well-known restaurants like Nobu and Wuzuzu in Las Vegas if their fish has been frozen to kill parasites? Would it be insulting to ask that question?

by ed darden
(washington, dc usa)

I will be spending a couple of days in Las Vegas, NV. There are a few restaurants offering sushi, like Nobu and Wuzuzu. These say their fish comes fresh from California. It's the "fresh" part that concerns me as it should have been frozen to kill parasites. Should I assume the fish has been frozen or is it better to ask? I'm thinking that such high end establishments might be insulted by the question. Also, if the answer is not frozen, think I'll walk out.

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Jun 30, 2015
Thanks for your post, Ed
by: david-allaboutsushiguide.com

Well, you are right in that Nobu and Wuzuzu are high end establishments and with that are more high visibility. Their patrons are probably more discriminating also.

They also have reputations to uphold. Those are some good things in your favor when picking out a place to eat sushi. More than likely, they probably do only receive their seafood from trusted sources where the fish has been handled to eliminate any risk of parasites and bacteria. It would be foolish for them to do anything else. They could ruin their reputation with one bad case being reported to the media; especially as high visibility as they are. And they know this too. I personally don't think that they would risk their reputation just to save a few dollars.

Another thing that will again put the odds in your favor is that las vegas is a high traffic area which means they probably move through their fish pretty quickly giving it less chance to sit around and go bad.

When they say "fresh", they may not literally mean "fresh and never frozen". They probably were frozen but may have been caught recently --- like today or yesterday or something. That kind of fresh I would guess is what they mean.

As far as your asking the question about whether their fish has been frozen properly to eliminate any risk or parasites, I would advise you to ask if you feel the need to that in order to feel comfortable eating there. You ARE the paying customer.

And like you, if they said that they DID NOT (or their supplier did not) freeze their fish according to FDA guidelines to eliminate any risk of parasites, then I probably would walk out of there with ya.

And make sure you check some shows while you're there... like "O" (by Cirque du Soleil), Celine Dion (if she's still there) and blue man group.

Have a good trip Ed.

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