Tamaki Gold

by Brunson Achiu
(Riverside Ca.)

Have been using this rice since it came on the Market. Very good texture and taste, great just of steaming, or making into sushi rice

Recipe for Making Sushi Rice

4 cups Tamaki Gold Koshihikari Rice
4 cups Arrowhead Spring Water
4 tbsp Sake 1each
2"x2" Dashi Kombu


1. Wash rice until water is very clear ( be gentle when washing wash as not break kernel)

2.Let rice sit in water for 15 minutes

3. Drain water and let rice dry for 30 minutes

4. After 30 minutes place into rice cooker (if it has sushi setting set it to that setting)

5. Add spring Water, Kombu, and Sake

6. Turn rice cooker on

7. After rice is done let rice sit in rice cooker for 10 minutes

8. After 10 minutes you are ready to make Sushi Rice

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