Learn how to make
Usuyaki Tamago and Kinshi Tamago to use for wraps or for Chirashi Sushi

Usuyaki Tamago is a paper thin egg omelet used in Japanese cooking for use in a variety of dishes.

They are fast and easy to make. An 8 inch non-stick skillet is ideal for wrap size and the recipe below will yield around 2 to 3 crepes.

How to make Usuyaki Tamago


2 large Eggs

2 tsp castor sugar (fine sugar)

1 Tbsp tsp dashi or water

pinch of salt

1/2 tsp cornstarch blended with 1/2 tsp water if crepes are to be used for wraps. If for Kinshi Tamago (shredded crepes) for Chirashi no need to add this ingredient.


1. In a bowl add the eggs, sugar, dashi (or water) salt and cornstarch mixture if the crepes are to be used for wraps. Beat the mixture with a whisk till thoroughly mixed.

2. Pour the egg mixture through a fine mesh sieve. This will help to smooth out the omelet so there won't be any lumps.

3. Lightly oil the pan and set it to low heat.

4. Pour a thin layer of batter in the pan tilting it from side to side to evenly spread egg mixture.

5. When the edges are dry and the middle is just starting to set, use a non-stick spatula sprayed or wiped with oil to flip the omelet over.

6. Cook for no more than 10 seconds on this side and then remove from the pan.

7. Oil the pan before making the next crepe and repeat until all of the egg mixture is gone.

8. Stack the crepes on top of each other.

Kinshi Tamago

If you want to shred the crepes to make Kinshi Tamago for use in Chirashi Sushi, take the stack of crepes and either slice them into 1/16 to 1/8 inch wide strips as they are stacked like pancakes, or roll the entire stack and slice them into 1/16 to 1/8 inch wide strips.

The result either way is the same.

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