So what are the Best Sushi Recipes for Beginners to Start Out on?

Sushi rice in a Hangiri with a rice paddle

So you are interested in trying your hand at some sushi recipes for beginners, huh?

Well, I think I've got some ideas for ya.

The first thing that we have to do is get the foundation built. And that foundation is making your first batch of Sushi Rice.

Out of all of these beginner recipes, this one will be the most important of all. It is the one you have to do. Without it, you won't be able to make anything sushi.

Visit our Sushi Rice Recipe page and follow the instructions for making your own Sushi Rice. It will walk you through the ingredients you will need to get and where to get them.

Then it will take you step by step through the sushi rice making process.(if the sushi rice recipe page didn't open in another browser window, click here to go to it).

When you get that done and have your rice, meet me back here and we'll pick up where we left off!

Inarizushi or Inari Sushi
Probably the easiest Sushi Recipe for a Beginner that you will ever Follow

(Once you have your sushi rice that is...)

Inari Sushi with black sesame seeds and ginger garnish on white plate

Once you have made the sushi rice in the previous step, making this is going to be sooo very easy by following our Inari Sushi recipe. A great first step in your quest for the best sushi recipes for beginners. 

Basically all you have to do is stuff the brown Inarizushi-no-moto bag (also called abura age when unseasoned) with sushi rice...and EAT!

Now, you may not be familiar with this kind of sushi since maki rolls and nigiri are the ones that everybody orders at a sushi bar, but if you follow my advice and try this, you will Love it. Take my word for it. 

It will be an easy first success at making sushi at home.

This was one of my favorites when I was growing up (my mother is Japanese and made it all the time). And you will probably be making this at home all the time too if you try it. Maybe even for your kids :-)

Now, you may have been expecting a sushi roll or maybe Nigiri sushi (oblong sushi rice with meat on top). And that will be coming.

But you wanted the best sushi recipes for beginners...and well,  I started thinking simple and learning to roll or form little oblong shapes of extra equipment...

and so here we are. This is the easiest.

The Inarizushi bags can be bought already made and seasoned. They even have them at amazon. Or you can buy the abura age unseasoned and cook them yourself following our Inari Sushi recipe.

Once you have a can or two then just open, drain, and stuff them with sushi rice and Enjoy!

And there you have it. One of the EASIEST sushi recipes for beginners to follow on the face of the Earth...

Chirashizushi or Chirashi Sushi
Another No Muss, No Fuss, Mix and Eat Sushi Favorite

Colorful and easy to make Chirashi Sushi

I am not purposely trying to steer you away from making some of the most popular forms of Sushi consumed in most American Sushi restaurant (Maki rolls and Nigiri). 

But I have taken finding the best sushi recipes for beginners to start with to heart and honestly think that you should try either or both the Inarizushi / Inari Sushi or Chirashizushi / Chirashi Sushi first before you try your hand at making a Maki roll or Nigiri.

For one, your investment will be minimal. You won't have to buy a sushi rolling mat (or makisu) or rolling devices or look for sushi grade fish.  

Secondly, you will have quick success. You will just have to make sushi rice (a big accomplishment) and then make either one or both of these.

If you do both, then you will get to try 2 of the most delicious and tasty sushi dishes that most people looking to make sushi for the first time never get recommended to make.

Partly because they aren't mainstream in Sushi bars. And they aren't SEXY. And it is so unfortunate. Because they are mainstream in most normal, everyday Japanese people's homes. And here's why.

Think about it. These 2 dishes are like the hamburger helpers of the sushi world. No fussing with rolling or molding or buying expensive seafood meats.

You can pop Inari sushi in your kids lunchbox or bentobox. Or take Chirashi sushi to work and leave it out on your desk.

Just make sushi rice, stuff and eat (Inarizushi), or make sushi rice, chop, simmer, mix and eat (Chirashizushi).

I hope I have convinced you to try either of these.

With that, go try out my mother's Chirashi Sushi Recipe.

For your First Maki, Try a California Roll...

California roll

I know I must seem stuck on the California roll. After all, I mentioned it on our Best Sushi for Beginners page as a best first choice for a person new to Sushi.

But here again, I think there is a good reason for it. Given that if you already have obtained a sushi mat and nori the only other thing you will need to make a California roll you can get at your local grocery store.

Crab meat, avocado and cucumber.

Simple. No looking for Sushi grade fish. You get to try sushi roll making and see if you can do it and if you even like it.

If you do like it and you want to step it up, then go for the Sushi grade fish and seafood.

If you are ready, go here to try out our California Roll Recipe

Ready to move up and play with the Big Boy's?
Let's try to put some raw fish in there by making a Tuna Roll

Here we are. Ready to add some raw fish or seafood to your growing culinary sushi skills. Good for you!

Here again is one of my beginner favorites. Whether its trying it for the first time or making it for the first time. Tuna is just a good one to start with.

It has such a pleasant, neutral, slightly sweet taste, no odor and a texture that is not tough or rubbery nor squishy and mushy.

Just right.

So if you are ready to tackle this, visit our tuna roll recipe page.

And there you have it. My recommendations on some of the best sushi recipes for beginners to start out on that I know of.

I hope you have great success, and hey, drop me a note and let me know how it goes for ya!

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